Murder by poets

Photographically investigating crimes was what I did best. Murder was my favourite crime though… Probably because a good murder comes from a place where there is order -it is imperative to have good planning or good timing, to be certain of what one is doing and why they are doing it. And it has a kind of "transcendence" in it… Because the concept of all murders is born from some sort of passion, but in order to execute correctly a murder, one needs to let passion collapse. So, an originally conceptualised murder is never the same with the one finally committed -if ever. One could write pages about the virtues of a perfectly executed murder… the sharpness of mind and the elegance needed, as well as the ability to adapt and to be relentless in the face of unexpected obstacles…. and many more. But I had a job to do and this time I had to investigate a murder that was going to be committed by poets. The crime would take place in a poets gathering in the infamous "Poems and Crimes", an art bar where many beautiful crimes had taken place in the past. And I was lucky enough to investigate some of them. I admit that I was mesmerised by the inspired poetry reading and I somehow let my guard down for a while. That means, it took me longer to realise that the one to be murdered was me. Of course, this wasn't the first time that something like that occurred. I am known to investigate dangerous people and maybe you remember how close I came to my own elimination last year, while I was following Andreas F. in Venice. An experienced photographic investigator knows how to take care of herself. And I did.