The Mauna Kea girl

I always felt that I was born in Hawaii and my heart belongs to this place. Hawaii is the heart of the world, shining with divine love. When I was little I was thinking that it would be very cool to be an astronomer and work in one of Mauna Kea’s telescopes. Much later I realised the impact of the telescopes on the islands… My last assignment send me back home at the time of the protests about the new gigantic telescope that was about to be build in Mauna Kea. An assignment in a sacred place at a time of such great importance seemed sacred itself. She was one of the protesters and she was the daughter of a great kahuna. The assignment was just a pretext to be in this magical place and breathe the love. Mauna Kea doesn’t really need any protectors but my love was not letting me leave. So I stayed.