The Game of Life

I was photographically investigating “The game of life” that was taking place in a dimension that I am not allowed to reveal. A game, the participants of which were unaware of. That made it very interesting for a photographic investigator such as I, but, most of the time, very frustrating for the participants. It was a game of boomerangs, in which the thoughts, deeds and thoughts sooner of later returned back to their creators. Each one had the chance to create their own world, a world made exclusively from crystallised ideas, feelings and words. Of course their creators didn’t know that and, in their majority, they believed that everything that they were experiencing was the result of some unknown and uncontrollable external factors or powers. Of course the game had rules and laws which were unshakable and worked both ways -for better or for worst. 80% of the participants applied them unconsciously for worst. The laws were written and explained by various “helpers”, but the participants of the game had their attention turned elsewhere and didn’t seem to want to understand them. I don’t know who created the game or why or even how the participants were caught in it. All I know is that being an investigator, a watcher, one felt un urge to enter the game -driven by the confidence and certainty of it’s present state of control and understanding of the game, a control and understanding that they would have to abandon though as soon as they entered the game, which was one of the cruel tricks of it: forgetfulness. Many photographic investigators had been trapped in it with no chance of escaping. Have I ever been one of them? Was I even one of them? These thoughts made me wanna leave this dimension sooner than planned, and that is why my investigation was kinda short.