The secret of Jackie O'Can (part I)

She belonged in one of the most infamous secret societies of Venice. According to my well informed connections she occupied a key role in the "Mister's" circle, a group of enigmatic, mysterious individuals that roamed about this beautiful city, keeping their purpose well hidden. Of course I knew who they were and what they were doing. But to find out, I had to  take the most sacred vow of secrecy that exists in my profession, not to mention that one word slipping from my mouth would fatally compromise Juanita and Lupe, my most valuable assistants. The "Mister" was not kidding… I was playing a double game, of course. The "Mister's" group had allowed me to get close and take the shots I was well paid for, but, not only I had to pretend that this never happened, but I also had to give some hints about the identity of my employer. They knew I had to keep some level of confidentiality… I didn't mind. I liked the "Mister's" group more than the guy who hired me. After all, my job was to make a photographic investigation, and I did. If they knew what I know about Jackie O'Can, they would probably burn my hard discs and smash my Mac in front of my eyes… Eyes… That's the key word. Jackie O'Can's eyes were beautiful, some said they were green, some said they were blue, but the secret was not in the size  or the colour, not even in their beauty. The secret was inside. Literally. Inside Jackie O'Can's eyes there were 2 microchips, the most wanted microchips in the northern hemisphere. What was their function? I am not allowed to reveal it in this post. I am bound by secrecy for ten more days. If nothing happens to me during this time, I will reveal it in the part 2. Wish me luck.