A photographic investigator always seeks inner guidance, especially when they are experiencing dissatisfaction from an imposed situation (or what seems to be an outwardly imposed situation -which it never is…). Hexagram 55 came up: Feng=Abundance. “Feng is the zenith of abundance, where something is so full that it overflows. In the image of your overflowing inner reserves, you are not made empty even while you give; this is the way of a kingdom of abundance. The master said: “When the sun stands at midday, it begins to set: be not sad. The fullness and emptiness of life wax and wane in the course of time.” “That which attains the place in which it belongs is sure to become great. Therefore follows the idea of abundance.” Abundance is a kingdom with a horn of plenty, where the people cultivate and share in the knowledge of an inexhaustible source. Described as the Land of Te or virtue, “they know how to make things but do not hoard. They give but seek no return.” Te is your instinctual endowment where inner promptings help you actualize your destiny”.