Nicoletta's corsets (part I - the Black Corset)

Nicoletta was a magical being. She created enchanted garments in a little shop in Campo S. Giovanni e Paolo in Venice. Her creations were famous for the special attributes they gave to the one who wore them, so I was hired to investigate 4 of her most powerful corsets. First, the Black Corset. Probably the most impressive one. It's secret, and greatest power, was that it could hide the halo that surrounds exceptional, spiritual beings from clairvoyant agents that worked for... (let's put it this way)... darker forces. It was a protection, a magical armour for ethereal presences. And it worked perfectly. Nicoletta used Luana, a beautiful fairy, to model her corsets and make sure that they served their purpose. And I was the witness. 

Corsets & Styling: Nicoletta Lucerna (La Bottega del Costume, Campo S. Giovanni e Paolo, Castello, Venezia, 

Model: Luana Ghezzo Pivetta

Photography assistants: Enrico Facchetti & Nicla Cannito